The United Nations System Staff College is a centre of training and knowledge management within the UN system, with two campus in Turin and Bonn.


I take part in the development of the 100% online e-Management programme. It is composed of about thirty modules, from 2 to 4 hours that tackle a variety of topics around leadership and team management: risk management, conflict resolution, transformational leadership, ethics, communication, project planning, mental health… The modules are shared on a Moodle platform.


Each module features a high level subject-matter’s expert (doctor, university professor, speaker, UN high-evel leader). The modules alternate between short videos and interactives activities and end by a short simulation where learners can practice what they’ve learned.


Learners must share insights with co-learners and answer reflectives questions through the LMS forums to validate their modules. They also have a workbook they can print to realize some activities on paper.


I’ve worked with subject-matter’s expert on the design and development of several modules: system thinking, transformational leadership, ethical leadership, ethical decision-making, innovation, unconscious bias…



The Fédération des Travailleurs et Travailleuses du Québec is one of the most important worker union federation in Québec. The Fonds de Solidarité FTQ is a worker fund that was created by the FTQ. Its mission is to create and maintain jobs in Québec while encouraging workers to save for their retirement.


The Fonds promotes itself through a network of two thousands local representants all around the province. Those representants are volunteers, they promote the Fonds but they are also here to help and orient their colleagues in their saving choices.


The Economic training program is in charge, amongst others, of the local representant’s training. It has to give them the tools so they are able to understand and explain how the Fonds is working and the different saving tools available to members.


Since early 2020, I support the Economic training program team in its implementation of online training : design of modules contents with the trainers and development, articulation between online and in-person trainings, choice of tools and use of the LMS.


The Fondation Mérieux is an independent family foundation committed to fighting against infectious diseases affecting developing countries. The Foundation develops, amongst others missions, training programs in partnership with universities and public authorities in developing countries.


I’ve been working for several years with the Foundation, I took part on projects on infectious diseases, biosecurity or the WARDS/RESAOLAB project. I present here a particular project, the Wash kit.


Wash is an educationnal kit developed with two NGO and several ministries of Madagascar (Education, Health and Water). The kit is composed of several tools to help primary school teachers organize educational days around hygiene and proper use of water: posters, leaflets, pins, a card game and a game on computer, in a cartoon style.


I’ve designed the game along with the Foundation staff and I’ve developed it. It is composed of eight interactive activities: a puzzle, spot the mistakes games, drag and drop, choose the correct ending for the video. The pupils are guided in the game by a small mascot and the game has music and sound effects.


The game was developed with Storyline and all illustrations were created by a malagasy graphic designer who I worked with on the game user interface. It is shared in the schools by USB key, directly on the computers in class. For now, the kit has been used by more than 200 000 pupils.


All the details about the project on the Foundation website



The Rosemont College SAE (for Services aux Entreprises or Business service department) designs and develops tailor-made online trainings for companies, non-profit and public authorities of Québec.


I’ve been working with them for several years and I participated in many projects (several ministries of Québec, a big financial product company, a big provider of hydro-electricity services, etc.).


I present here a project for Éducaloi. Éducaloi is a non-profit that “has three main areas of focus: legal information, legal education, and the development of expertise in clear legal communication”. (Éducaloi website).


I took part with the College team in the development of a training named “Intervenir auprès des personnes immigrantes victimes d’agression sexuelle” (Intervene with immigrant victims of sexual assault).


It presents the situation of six women (undocumented immigrant, with a working permit, permanent resident…). Each situation is tackled through several questions that challenge biases on the status of women immigrants and sexual harassment.


Training is available here (french)